My Favorite Websites

All links when clicked on will open in new windows.

Vintage Remedies ~ Natural Food, Aromatherapy, and Herbal courses. Become a Master Herbalist! (Note: This is an affiliate link. That’s how much I love them!)

Set Apart Girl ~ A Christian e-magazine for ladies of every age, run by Ellerslie’s own Leslie Ludy, author of Authentic Beauty.

Lilla Rose Hair Supplies ~ I love their Flexi-clips! They’re great for people who are allergic to certain metals, and also those who get headaches from ponytails.

Vision Forum ~ A Christian company that sells everything from toys to movies to mp3s to clothing. I highly recommend them!

Herb Mentor ~ For just a couple dollars a month, you can get access to numerous herbal courses, resources and guides. Their latest course is on learning the plants that are near you. In your own backyard, in fact! Please be advised, some of the people that post on here are not Christians.

Plugged In Online ~ This is a Christian review website by Focus on The Family. They post reviews for movies, videos, games, TV shows, and music. I highly recommend them as their reviews are super detailed.

Meant To Be Modest ~ This Christian family makes modest swimwear. I have personally bought a swimsuit from them and love it!

BookSneeze ~ Get free Christian books in exchange for a review if you have a blog! And you get to keep the book.


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