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A Stay-At-Home Mom’s Review of Netflix’s “The Let Down”

In case you haven’t heard of it yet, Netflix came out with an Australian tv series called “The Let Down” in May 2016. It follows a new mom’s journey through the first months of the craziest adventure of them all, parenthood.

I first heard of it on a Facebook group that supports mothers’ in feeding their infants, whether that be by bottle or breast. I find that ironic considering the tv show’s obvious play on words with it’s title referencing breastfeeding. Many were saying it was super relatable, so I added it to my Watch List on Netflix and promptly forgot about it.

My husband and I have that rule – you know, the no “Netflix Cheating” rule (and yes, that’s a real thing). I bet you’ve got something similar in your house, right? Oh the wrath incurred if you dare watch a sleep deprived, touched out parent’s favorite tv show without them!

Anyways. The Hubs was busy working on the computer and I felt like veggin’ out to a tv show. So I scrolled through our list to find something that I could safely watch and landed on “The Let Down”.

Warning: spoiler alerts ahead.

During the first 5 minutes I had such a rollercoaster of emotions. I considered stopping it at one point simply because I got so mad at how these different people were treating new mom Audrey; at how alone and overwhelmed she was. The mama bear in me just wanted to jump through the screen and hug her and tell her things were going to be okay. But that’s what makes it so good, that it’s so relatable.

When Audrey was driving in the middle of the night trying to get her baby to sleep, I could relate.

When she desperately wanted to go out with her friends, sans child, I could relate.

When she & her husband were just trying to get five minutes of alone time together, and the baby woke up, I could relate.

From the start, I instantly connected with Audrey & her struggles, and by the end, I wanted to be her friend. It was lighthearted, poking fun at the craziness that having a baby is, but was also serious in that it reminded me that I’m not alone and that being a mother really is such a blessing.

The acting was spot on, being purposefully overdone in some scenes, but adding to the overall comedic value of the plot.

Because of the topic of the show though, I would not recommend letting kids watch this. Drugs, alcohol, & and sex were all touched on in just the first episode.

In conclusion, The Let Down was lightheartedly funny & relatable, and I am finding myself looking forward to indulging some more in my newest guilty pleasure…after I manage to get the kids asleep, of course.

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