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Hello Again, World!

No, I haven’t died. I’m still here, just very busy with life!

So much has happened this since I last posted – some good, some bad, as typical for life – and I’m now faced with the task of trying to catch you all up. How do I possibly fit almost a year’s worth of events into one post?

I’ll start by catching y’all up with the farm. Here is the total head count currently:
– 2 Full sized horses. One is a registered Paint, the other a draft/quarter horse mix.
– 2 Miniature horses
– 1 Murray Grey bull
– 3 Jersey milking cows
– 1 steer
– 1 heifer
– 2 bull calves (that’s 8 total cows, if you’ve been keeping count)
– 5 St. Croix sheep
– 4 pigs
– 7 piglets
– 3 geese
– 6 ducks
– 75 or so chickens of varying breeds
– 50 meat birds
– 2 turkeys
– 5 dogs. A golden retriever, a livestock guardian dog, a border collie, and two lab/golden mixes.
– 10 puppies (no, we’re not keeping them all!!!)
– 5 cats
– 5 kittens
– 6 rabbits
Grand Total: 195 different animals

Wow. I didn’t realize how many animals there are until I counted it up for you all! That sure is a lot of mouths to feed; thank goodness most of them in turn feed us!












































As for the humans here on the homestead, we’re all doing well.

Dad is still working for Boeing, but he is looking forward to the day when he can retire and just work here. He definitely enjoys all the different farm “toys” we’ve picked up these last couple months! He finally got his farm truck that he’s always wanted.

Mom could be labeled “Super Mom”! Besides homeschooling us kids and keeping the farm running, she is also currently studying to be a Master Herbalist. And she still manages to find new things to study and research, and is most certainly the one to ask if you have any health questions. She also has been enjoying learning about essential oils with me. Photography has fallen to the back burner unfortunately, but she still enjoys taking pictures whenever she can.

Brianna is now seventeen, YIKES! It doesn’t seem possible that she can be that old. And she’s also taller than me now! She is working on finishing up high school, and enjoys crafting various objects in her free time, such as jewelry, wood burning, and knitting. Willie, our registered Paint, is her horse, and when he isn’t misbehaving, she enjoys riding him around our pasture. She’s also catching up to me when it comes to reading!

Gabrielle is also taller than me now, which gives her an unfair advantage when we argue. Do you know how hard it is to maintain the “tough big sister” attitude when you have to look up to see your sister’s face? Yeah, it doesn’t work. She turned fifteen this spring, which makes me feel really old. She is still a horse lover, and enjoys riding with Brianna when she can. She’s also has a knack when it comes to the animals -I swear she could be a Disney princess, the way she can sing and the cows will come to her, or the horse will calm down.

Caleb is rapidly growing up. At ten years old, we’re having a hard time finding the balance between chores and play. He is responsible for the rabbits and chickens on our farm, and enjoys the income he makes off of selling the eggs, but he often gets distracted with the newest fort idea, leaving chores half down most mornings 🙂 He’s very interested in wood working, and enjoys the few chances he gets with Dad to work on something together.

Joshua is my spoiled rotten 5 year old brother. He not only has all us girls wrapped around his finger, but can smile his way out of almost any circumstance. It’s darn near impossible to stay mad at him for long! He’s all boy like his older brother, and most mornings you’ll find him building an impressive house out of Legos, or role playing Marvel heros, flying around in an Iron Man suit blasting everything in sight.

As for myself, I’m keeping busy. I’m still working on becoming a midwife, but due to my location I’m finding it harder to complete my training than I thought. I am also a doTERRA Wellness Advocate now, and I host essential oil classes once a month here at our house. I enjoy reading and taking pictures in my spare time, and Winnie is keeping me busy with these unexpected bundles of fur!

Well that catches you all up! Hopefully it won’t take me 9 months to write again 😉

2 thoughts on “Hello Again, World!

  1. Even though I know what y’all have been up to, this is a terrific post – as always!
    Your photography is stunning as well – again, as always 😉
    Love you, dear!

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