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When Tinker Comes to Visit

This past year has introduced me to Pinterest. And to be completely honest, it has been completely addicting! Besides being able to pin clothing items I like, Christmas ideas, etc. it has also introduced me to Elf on The Shelf.

Now my parents have always raised us with the knowledge that Santa was a real person – St. Nicholas – but that he was human and died like all humans do. So we don’t believe in Santa, but we do like to have a little fun with him!

So, the Elf on the Shelf  is an Elf sent by Santa to keep an eye on children, and every night he flies to Santa to report misbehaving little kids. Each morning, when the children wake up, he is located in a different spot. Since my youngest brother is really young still, we just told him that Tinker (our elf) was there to help Mommy keep an eye on him. He gets it, and it’s really cute to see him walk up to her and start talking to her!

My little brother is sick, so today Tinker was sick in bed (I placed her in a Barbie bed, with some crumpled up kleenexs and an extract or two placed by her side). Yesterday she was found on the table, playing cards with a cow, a doll, and a teddy bear. The day before, she was a little mischievous and colored mustaches on our pictures upstairs!

I have a lot of fun hiding her each night, and the first thing my siblings do in the morning is try to find her! It also helps to get the kids to sleep at night, as the sooner they fall asleep, the sooner Tinker will hide again.

I had hope to post some pictures of her hiding, but that will have to wait till another time…

Until next time,

Caitlin, aka FF

P.S. We reserved our Christmas Tree last Sunday. We plan on getting it next Friday! So exciting!


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