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Book Review ~ The 13th Tribe by Robert Luparulo

Immortal vigilantes from the time of Moses have planned the unthinkable. But how can you stop what you can’t see?

The battle didn’t start this year . . . or even this millennium.

It began when Moses was on Mt. Sinai. Tired of waiting on the One True God, the twelve tribes of Israel began worshipping a golden calf through pagan revelry. Many received immediate death for their idolatry, but 40 were handed a far worse punishment-endless life on earth with no chance to see the face of God.

This group of immortals became the 13th Tribe, and they’ve been trying to earn their way into heaven ever since-by killing sinners. Though their logic is twisted, their brilliance is undeniable. Their wrath is unstoppable. And the technology they possess is beyond anything mere humans could imagine.

Jagger Baird knows nothing about the Tribe when he’s hired as head of security for an archaeological dig on Mt. Sinai. The former army ranger is still reeling from an accident that claimed the life of his best friend, his arm, and his faith in God.

The Tribe is poised to execute their most ambitious attack ever and the lives of millions hang in the balance. When Jagger’s wife and son are caught in the crossfire, he’ll stop at nothing to save them.

But how can one man stand against an entire tribe of immortals?

My Review:

I requested this book because I was interested in the idea of a “cursed” tribe that lived immortally. And it was certainly captivating. I couldn’t put it down because it was soo interesting and exciting. And I liked how detailed it portrayed the main characters. I could almost imagine talking with Jaggar, or with Tyler, or Nevaeh.

And the technology is amazing! I could imagine the whole tribe in their invisibility suits! And the thought of the drones. Wow.

However, it was gory. Nevaeh has a ridiculous fascination with all things well, dead. And the Tribe is constantly killing. And I take away a star just for that – I don’t want to read about 500 ways to kill a person. I understand that it needed the violence for the story, but all the same, I didn’t like it.

So, I give this 4 starts. I probably won’t recommend it to a friend.

I am required by law to state that I got this book for free in exchange for a review. I am not required to give a positive review.


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