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Book Review ~ The Skin Map and the Bone House by Stephan Lawhead (ebook)

The Skin Map

Kit Livingstone’s great-grandfather has re-appeared with an unbelievable story–the ley lines throughout Britain are not merely the stuff of legends but truly are pathways to other worlds. So few people know how to use them, though, that doing so is fraught with danger.

But one explorer knew more than most. Because of his fear of being unable to find his way home, he developed an intricate code and tattooed his map onto his skin. But the map has since been lost and rival factions are in desperate competition to recover it. What none of them yet realize is that the skin map itself is not the prize at the end of this race . . . but merely the first goal of a vast and marvelous quest to regain Paradise.

Enter the ultimate treasure hunt–with a map made of skin, a playing field of alternate realities, and a prize that is the greatest mystery of all.

The Bone House

Kit is on a quest for the ultimate treasure. But are his travels in time changing history for better or worse?

When Kit Livingstone’s great grandfather appeared to him in a deserted alley during a London rainstorm, he revealed an incredible story: the ley lines throughout Britain are not merely the stuff of legend but are in fact pathways to other worlds. An intricate code–a map of bizarre symbols–is the roadmap they need to navigate the multi-layered universe. But the five pieces have gone missing. Braving constant danger, Kit accepts his place in the adventure–though he has no idea just how critical a role he’ll play.

The Skin Map and The Bone House are the first and second books in The Bright Empire Series.

My Review ~

I originally requested The Bone House because I’ve read another book by Stephan Lawhead and liked it, and I was interested in The Bone House’s plot line. Shortly after downloading it though, I realized it was the second in the series. Thankfully, Booksneeze kindly agreed to let me review The Skin Map as well.

Kit is a likable young man, though in the beginning he was disrespectful of grandfather (which can be justified somewhat by what his grandfather was telling him) and well, just plain lazy. He matures and grows wiser though the book. And the plot is interesting – boy meets long lost great-grandfather, then travels through time using ley lines.

However, the story is a bit confusing at times, and not to mention that the thought of a “skin map” is just creepy. Add in some ancient Egyptian ceremonies and some gruesome deaths, and you have a book – or in this case – books, that are not really worth reading. It was interesting reading the historical parts of it, and the thought of time travel certainly is mind-boggling, but God is mentioned only a couple times, and the main character doesn’t believe in Him. All in all, I probably won’t read it again.

In accordance with the law, I am required to state that I got this book for free from in exchange for a review. I am not required to give a positive review.


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