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Autumn is in the air….

This morning I actually put on a sweater, it was that cold out. Not that it was really cold, but it was just cool enough for one.

And that means autumn is in the air.

And THAT means:

*Spiced Cider

*Playing In The Leaves



*Pumpkin Pie


*Hot Chocolate

*AND (almost my favorite thing about fall) Thanksgiving! Our turkey isn’t looking forward to that day though 🙂

Missouri is good for it’s seasons.

What is your favorite thing about autumn?


3 thoughts on “Autumn is in the air….

  1. Only 38 more days until the first day of autumn! I can’t wait; it’s my favorite season and it’s so beautiful here in Western Pennsylvania.

  2. I love the fall. I moved to Florida a few years ago after college and I’m desperately wanting to spend the holidays up north 😦 I love the picture of the foliage it’s so beautiful. I miss it so much.

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