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Farm Life Update

So I wanted to quick update the farm post, as we have two new additions.

One is a Great Pyrenees 6-month old puppy named Hannah. She is very entertaining. Here is a picture of her:

Unfortunately, as she is still a puppy, we need to work on training her. She has gotten a hold of several shoes (including my Grandpa’s!), and she’s gotten into the nasty habit of eating eggs. That (the egg eating) I hope to remedy with Tabasco sauce filled egg shells.

Our other new addition is going to be a cow called Rosie (barring the unforeseeable future). She is a 5 or 6 year old Jersey that calved in March. She just got over Ketosis, which is when your body starts  to eat itself in order to produce enough milk, which made her painfully thin, but she has such a great temperament. My whole family got a turn at milking her by hand (including a 18-month old), and she didn’t even lift a foot.  She is producing about 4 gallons a day, but that is on grain, and we hope to switch her over to grass-fed. We will be getting her sometime this week or next week. I was working on getting her pasture ready for her today by mowing and setting up posts and wire. Sorry, but I don’t have a picture of her.

I also got around to starting some herbs from seed. I have planted Cilantro, Dill, Genevose Basil, and German Chamomile. Once I have some raised beds put together, I’m also going to plant several other herbs.

Oh! and we bought a horse trailer. My dad likes the addition of another toy 🙂 That’s all that’s been going on at Leviticus 26 Homestead.


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