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Farm Life.

So, I named this blog In Skirts and Wellies, because 1. I wanted this to be a somewhat personal blog and not just a “sermon” blog like my other one, and 2. I live on a farm in the making and I literally do wear skirts and wellies all the time!

So now you know why I named it that. The rest of this post will be about what is going on on our farm.

Last Saturday, we got 25 laying hens from a friend from our church. We used our old carport as the chicken coop, adding some nesting boxes (or buckets to be more accurate!), roosting bars, and of course a waterer and feeder. About two weeks ago, we got 50 chicks (which have since become 48). 25 are for eggs and 25 are for meat. We are going to a poultry auction this Saturday, and we’re hoping to get some keets (baby guineas) for tick and other bug control. So that is it for poultry.

We’re hoping to get a cow soon, and in the near future, pigs and horses.

Farming wise, we just bought a rototiller from my cousin, and we currently have planned about thirty-five 50′ rows that we are going to put in, hopefully sometime this weekend. We’re hoping that we can grow enough to feed our entire family for a year. That is one huge garden! We also have a PVC hoophouse that we put up that will house strawberries, some tomatoes, and (I think) carrots.

Earlier today, I went out and mowed the front yard = about 2 acres. I came in looking like a tomato, according to my sisters…should have worn a hat! I carried J on my back and he feel asleep. He isn’t sunburned thankfully.

Well, that’s about it for today.

Feminine Farmgirl


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