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Hello world!

Hello Everyone!

First~ a little about me. I am a Christian young lady who is spending her single years preparing for her married years (if that is what God has in store for me, of course) by growing closer to God, helping and submitting to my parents’ wishes, and becoming “best friends” with my siblings. Not to mention learning how to bake, cook, clean, sew, survive, prepare, garden, and change dirty diapers.

Second~ For the first couple weeks, as I am getting used to Word Press, I will just be posting old posts from my old blog. Then I will start posting new posts. (this is kind of redundant, isn’t it? posting, posts.)

Third~ I love readers! Please comment. Let me know how I’m doing. Am I making sense? Do you disagree with me? Do you have tips on my writing? Did I make a mistake? Tell me anything and everything! However, I do not like profanity, sexual comments, etc. Please do not post those. There is a way to tell me what you want without making my other readers and myself cringe.

Thanks everyone,

Feminine Farmgirl


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